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So apparently people with Type 1 Diabetes are 11 times more likely to commit suicide.
The repetitive task of calculating your carbs, sticking yourself for blood and then sticking yourself again for the insulin is crap and it’s pretty easy to see why this happens…
And the fact we’ve literally got access to a painless, quick and arguably the easiest suicide method there is 24/7 is a really scary thought…


If you’re a diabetic like this!! I want more friends with similar problems I guess hahah


"Diabetics shouldn’t have kids."

"All of that sugar is why you’re diabetic to begin with"

"Constantly giving yourself shots is a disgusting way to live." image


This tweet is so important to me


This tweet is so important to me


  • 4 to 7. The ideal level of my sugar levels in mmol/L
  • 8. The length of the needle in millimetres I use to inject insulin. The combined length of needles I use per year is 11.68 meters. This means that so far I have used 175 meters of needles, nearly twice the height of the Statue of Liberty.
  • 34….


It’s weird to think that one day we were normal and then the next day our body decided to attack itself and here we are with a disease.

When I go to the endocrinologist
When there’s a section on diabetes on a biology homework or test…